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Gayngs – Faded High

bzzzzrp. program loading – 1%. beep. beep beep. 17%. whrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. 56%. initialising thought matrix. copying emotional database. 72%. installing How_To_Love.php. saving back-up to hard disk. 99%100%.

“Welcome to Earth, android. We hazard a guess that this is your first time. Don’t be alarmed. The pink-fleshed bipeds strolling along the ground are mostly harmless and stupid, though be aware that their stupidity can sometimes lead to grave acts of violence. But they are mostly searching for love and affection. This is why you are here. You will love better than any before. You will care for your Other Half with the utmost compassion and respect, even if that means running out to the corner store in the early hours of the morning in only your bedwear to buy a loaf of bread for breakfast. You have all the tools necessary. All programs have been installed successfully. Good luck.”

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Givers – Up Up Up

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(photo by Chenie)

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  1. Sam says:

    Beep boo beep. Faded_High.xml is compatible with Samicrosoft HD.

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