And all the spilt milk, sex, and weight.

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Modest Mouse – Gravity Rides Everything


Georgia and Happto, Georgia’s boyfriend, are sprawled across the sticky leather sofas at Karyn’s place. Karyn is leaning sharply against the kitchen bench-top, cupping her Earl Grey tea close to her face. She just likes the smell. Georgia and Karyn discuss marriage, while Happto, altogether uninterested, flicks through the magazines half-opened on the coffee-table.

GEORGIA: I don’t see the point.

KARYN: The point of what?

[Happto quietly turns the page of this month’s Cosmopolitan, feigning disinterest, but curious to know what it is that women are thinking on a monthly basis.]

GEORGIA: The point of marriage.

KARYN: What? Why?

GEORGIA: It seems stupid.

KARYN: How does it seem stupid? It seems fine. It seems good. It’s two people, and a certificate, and love, and a ring, and a ceremony, and lots of friends and family, and lots of applause, and lots of crying. It’s very emotional.

GEORGIA: That sounds stupid.

KARYN: It sounds beautiful.

[Happto’s eyebrows raise as he comes across the already-torn booklet midway through the magazine discussing “How To Please Your Man Without Having Sex”, with suggestive photos to boot. He worries that they’ve noticed, and quickly flicks to another section.]

HAPPTO: We should get going.

Lenka – Gravity Rides Everything (The Woodstock Sessions)

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