Come on, somebody – say something!

Written by

Alexandre Desplat – High-Speed French Train

Do songs and their emotive power enhance movie scenes? Or does that emotion you embrace – that punch pounding its very way through the eyes of the actor – infiltrate the song on future listens? Or is it possible that they come together to form the perfect balance, one of equal passion and charm and wit and thrill? This song, with all its dainty nooks and pure subtlety, will not answer any of the above. This song is simply yet another song to raise the thought of which came first.

Two foxes sit together in a room lit by weakened night lamps. They watch as a train glides in circles along a toy track; their burgeoning minds and tiring eyes captured. Those brief seconds, seconds void of jealousy and frustration and fear, are utopian. If you’re not moved then widen your eyes, stare a little harder, take it in, and allow it to soak. Every twist of colour splashed upon a sound canvas by an intoxicated and boisterous Vishnu, every loop of frail yet gallant noise intoned with senseless and joyous gravitas.

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  1. Joan says:

    I’m yet to see this film.

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