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Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (rmx. Starsmith, f/ Ellie Goulding)

[Our friend Luca writes for us this morning. We’re off being lazy busy.]

I’m in a phase in my life where I don’t make an effort for music. I rarely download or purchase albums anymore, and my only interaction with it is by the joys of the car radio. I can’t imagine not listening to the radio in the car.

The same can be said for breakfast. The energy involved in preparing and eating a flat meal like cereal is not a fair excuse to be woken up from. So when I made breakfast one morning and then listened to the same song for a disturbing amount of time all in the same day, I had to share it.

London-based producer Starsmith combines with Indie-pop sweetie Ellie Goulding to deliver a fresh rework of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”. It’s less energetic than the original, but more solacing. I hope it’s enjoyed; I dread the day I’ll get bored of it.

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