You can’t get rid of me yet

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I saw you this mornin'

Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson – In My Secret Life

Quiet little voices creep into my head and they begin chewing.

I wonder if he’s worth it.

What? Worth what?

It all.

He’ll make you happy, Bambi. He will. When you turn in bed and stick out your butt, no matter what mood, no matter what came before, he’ll fall in beside you and won’t stop holding till he wakes. Even then he’ll probably shimmy in closer.

When I look at him, I believe that, too. Yeah, I think…

One thing I can assure for the coming summer is the desire for a scorching sun to spray heat upon this earth, and – when it finally does – for me to profess, ‘I don’t like this. I’m not used to this,’ and for me to scurry in return to the cooling sensation of a walled space.

Just like that! Just like that he’ll change his mind. He will.

I was trying to move us along. Don’t worry. He won’t. He won’t change his mind. It’s set.

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