This is dedicated to those who like ducks.

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Test Icicles – Circle, Square, Triangle

I’m not entirely sure as to how this song has lasted so long in my library. That’s a lie, I know exactly why; it’s because there’s melody. A rather elegant melody stretched over an undoubted blanket of chaos. It’s merry, there’s charm, and you can sense the fun. Each instrument is allowed the freedom to chase their own twists and beats and destiny and what shouldn’t form to become one surely does. It’s less poison, more the medicine that goes down with some sugar coated melody. Each scream is vast and aching, each bass trigger a thump and punch, and you hear that ghoul over the chorus, too, right?

Also, such a fantastically silly band name deserves your attention.

[Purchase the two track single for £1.38.]

One Response to “This is dedicated to those who like ducks.”

  1. Sam says:

    I thought this band was shit when I first listened to them a year or so ago. Maybe I’ll give them another chance.

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