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Julian Casablancas – Left & Right In The Dark

I feel as if anything I say will endanger my friendship with Daniel.

(I have neither the superlatives nor the ability to play down just how keen I am to amble along to this gig merrily drunk with the evening in hand.)

But I will briefly chat about the song. It has a clever trick up its sleeve: the 4:59 length prickles with a chipper electric sound smothered by a throaty vocal that tempts you into joining the choral hook – something Julian has ever had a knack for (see: entire discography)


[If you must know, iTunes are offering Phrazes For The Young at a charitable $4.99. You’d be downright insane to not take advantage of that.]

7 Responses to “BUT IT FEELS A LOT SLOWER.”

  1. Stevie Nicks says:

    Left & Right In The Dark is my favourite Julian song, and has been for quite some time. It’s ridiculously catchy, with some nice lines and, as mentioned, a hook better than Mike Tyson. It’s one of the few songs I’ve ever felt inclined to sing along with EVERY single time I hear it. “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”. Who would’ve thought that something so simple could have such a strong meaning. Immense song.

  2. Joan says:

    If he sings “I’ll Try Anything Once” I’ll throw my panties on the stage.

  3. Sam says:

    So glad you chose this song over others like 11th Dimension. I don’t exactly love the album, but this song is my favourite by far. Have fun, Muj.

  4. The snob gorilla says:

    Charity? More like liquidation.

  5. Joan says:

    I’ll just say I have a new-found appreciation for River Of Brakelights.

    @snobgorilla: The album’s not that bad.

  6. Daniel says:

    River… is my personal favourite from the record. Tremendous edge and bizarre keyboard solo.

  7. Milad says:

    I’m still exploring this album but I am liking what I hear so far.

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