Cold as ice

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Eric Benjamin Bach – Cold On Him

After Bethany left me and before she dumped Trevor I thought to myself, “That bitch is just going to do the same thing to him too,” and it turned out she did, which left part of me masochistically pleased that others’ hearts were scarred like mine but I also felt bad for Trevor in a way, you know, because he didn’t deserve that. Nobody does.

Skinny Ricky & The Best Policy – Cold On Him (Live on KPIG)

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3 Responses to “Cold as ice”

  1. J.R. says:

    The picture is beautiful.

    The song was sad.

    The story was sad/true as well.

    Thanks for the bittersweet post.

  2. the sad icecube says:

    It is so fucken cold.

  3. Milad says:

    Cold as ice.

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