In my mind, this is my free time… to let it all away

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Interpol – Lights

“That’s why I hold you. That is why I hold you, dear. That is why I hold you near.”

“Lights” is rock & roll’s ever present six minute crescendo of song with the surprise hint that finally there may be a band that can lie comfortably and relish a discovered plateau of sprawling sound. No demand for further surges, no nervous excitement, but simply a grand and orchestral thunder smack of sound, and the volunteered escape from the forcibly darkened vistas that usually inherit the ideal Interpol track. Precision and intent throughout; raucous it most certainly is not.

This newly released track, a free download from Interpol’s official online home, is one of insistent keyboard-like drum beats and atypical percussion. Each beat failing to offer the ominous drumming tones of Forgarino that have long since been the trademark backing for this band. There’s unexpected fun to be had here and he’s having it – with the introduction of a discovery, multiple new arms, as numerous tips and taps invade your ear per flickering second.

Bank’s vocals are a continuation of his solo exploits as Julian Plenti… Is Skyscraper – a slight, but clear departure from earlier Interpol records – and had this been an guitar instrumental only then its identity as an Interpol track would have held. It’s the change in structure and rhythmic section – along with a supporting role for a bass, the instrument that once danced for this band – which is enough to to ensure “Lights” is not simply a continuation of what has gone before. It may only be a taster of the proposed new Interpol, but it’s certainly enough to instigate an itch for more. An album opener (perhaps) or a risky first single choice? Whichever, whatever, however, they are back – and to be welcomed with open arms. Hands away!

“Maybe I like to stray… but keep it clean.” [Download, free, at InterpolNYC.]

2 Responses to “In my mind, this is my free time… to let it all away”

  1. outerpol says:

    Great tune!

  2. Adam says:

    I owe my love for Interpol to you, Daniel. Thank you for introducing me to them. They are magnificent.

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