You can listen to the serpent, fine.

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Child Rebel Soldier – Us Placers

My back hurts and I have no money. I have no money and my back hurts. My back hurts from standing all day and performing repetitive exercises with my upper body. I have no money because completing these repetitive exercises pays nothing. Why do I do them? To make money, so that the back pain is somewhat bearable. I guess it’s not so bad.

I have pockmarked skin and eat a lot of junk food. I eat a lot of junk food and have pockmarked skin. I have pockmarked skin because I’m genetically disposed to it. I eat a lot of junk food because coming home for dinner sometimes makes me feel sick. It’s not an angsty, nobody-understands-me thing: it’s a matter of comfort. Of feeling comfortable.

I have black toes and long hair. I have long hair and black toes. I have black toes because stupid fucking people keep stepping on them during football games. Over and over and over. Sometime in the last year my ten toes said Hey Man! Fuck You! and a couple have gone AWOL. They’ll be back. I hope. I have long hair because I had short hair and it grew.

[Child Rebel Soldier is the side-project of some well-known entertainers. “Us Placers” is performed with the help of a Thom Yorke instrumental.]

3 Responses to “You can listen to the serpent, fine.”

  1. Oracolo says:

    A bit meh, I’ve heard better from Kanye, Felipe and Pharell. Not saying it isn’t good but I just don’t completely like it, there’s something missing that I can’t put my finger up.

    It’s new and fresh though, not many rappers can sample Thom Yorke and make it work I believe.

  2. Joan says:

    It’s actually pretty old, friendo. I first heard it years ago, and remember adoring Lupe’s opening verse.

    At the time, I hadn’t heard The Eraser and hadn’t realised they’d sampled it. That choral loop was stuck in my head for weeks.

  3. Oracolo says:

    I mean “new” as in the form it was made, haha. Most of the songs on here are actually pretty old. But it’s still pretty rare to find a rap song without synthesized beat and all that.

    The Eraser is a good album. Listened to it a good few times and some songs stuck around. The choral loop on this is pretty good but I’ve heard better loops on some of Kanye’s productions, that is all I am saying. It does fit the lines they say though, so in that case it’s a snug fit.

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