I left my urge in the icebox.

Written by

Brian Eno – Third Uncle

This shouldn’t sound so delectable, so garishly pretty. The bass is a persistent, knocking intrusion, the rhythmic rhyme of guitar comes courtesy of the wrist that rocked the whip, there are drums who flaunt their singular focus of speed, and then there’s the capture of song by a distorted (once birthed on poorly tuned Viola, surely) lead guitar; the stranglehold of sound. The vocal track of let’s-just-get-through-this pace and delivery does nothing to entice either – (“There are…,” “there was…,” “you…,” / “pork,” “Turks,” “leather,” “shoes.”) So why then does the end result, the union of each individual craze, produce an aural mosaic; how are we unexpectedly privy to something so awfully cool?

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3 Responses to “I left my urge in the icebox.”

  1. Navin Magar says:


  2. Industrial Fan says:

    I first heard this excellent tune on the ‘Industrial Revolution’ compilation back in the mid-90s. Thanks for giving it an airing.

  3. Jess says:

    Leif Erikson. Also, really digging the Eno. 🙂 Should probably actually get into that sometime…like now…but yes. There is so little lyrically and that’s what I’m usually drawn to, yet there is something atmospheric about this …

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