Floating freely in the water.

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Beat Connection – In The Water

This is fun. This is fun. This is fun. This is fun like lunch breaks on school excursions; sitting on the grass outside of the art gallery, kidding around and taking in the real-world sun. It’s so different from the courtyard sun.

This is calm. This is calm. This is calm. This is calm like standing under a spitting shower-head, steam rising from your pores, in the early hours of the morning and knowing the world around you is sleeping while you cleanse.

This is new. This is new. This is new like an unwrapped present offered by a stranger on the cusp of your birthday, handed over with a smile and a sureness that whatever it is, you’ll like it that little bit more.

[Beat Connection’s Surf Noir EP drops today. It’s July 6th.]

2 Responses to “Floating freely in the water.”

  1. perve says:

    Dang again!

  2. Milad says:

    Oh man. I can just imagine sitting here with a lit doobie enjoying the hell out of this. On that note, drugs are bad. Don’t do them. (Unless you find them for a good price and they’re efficient).

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