(I heard them stirring.)

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Fleet Foxes – Heard Them Stirring

Peeling oranges on the countertop. Rubbing the soles of my feet against the kitchen tiles, feeling the stray crumbs and the sticky remnants of spilled apple juice from days earlier binding with the fleshy underside. Wearing a tattered bathrobe on top of some borrowed shorts that are both too big and too small. The morning is goosebump-ridden, tickling forearm hairs with its chill. The afternoon promises more of the same. Citric juices on my fingers. Forgetting about this. Rubbing my eyes. Feeling the burn. Open mouth and wide expression, waiting for the sting to settle. Something feels good. [Buy.]

(artwork by Tom Bennett)

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  1. iftah says:

    Do you write it yourself?? You are an author!!

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