Let’s talk about spaceships.

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Say Hi To Your Mom – Let’s Talk About Spaceships

If you were going to converse about spaceships, what would you say?

…that, certain childhood fantasies aside, humanity’s progress in creating flying machines is really rather disappointing?

…that Serenity weighed 282,500 pounds, could carry 18 passengers, and deserved another season?

…that, without any specific scientific knowledge, you’re reasonably sure NASA’s rockets get much worse gas mileage than the average Hummer — at least until you reach the Mesophere; then it’s up for some debate?

…that Will Smith makes a solid pilot but you’d trade him to have Jeff Goldblum as your navigator?

…that we’ll be lucky to last a week when the aliens show up?

…that Bono isn’t the only one staring at the sun; he’s just the one with the most pairs of sunglasses?

…that it would be fun to piss in zero gravity, no matter the results?

…that Luke Skywalker got at least a little lucky?

Ultimately, I think, you’d end up changing the subject.

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(Noah guests for tune the proletariat today. Zac tells me he lives in San Fran, and used to be the editor of a beer magazine.)

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