Oh look!

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If you’re looking around you and wondering, “Why does everything seem so sexy?” then you are not alone! The world hasn’t seen anything as erogenous as our new layout since the opening scene of Lost In Translation.

The layout design was done by the gracious and gorgeous Jordan Chatwin. Those charming little pictures you see at the top (they change when you refresh!) were drawn by Peter, Chie, and Katie. Send them all warm-hearted thank you emails!

I’ll leave you to poke around and coo in approval, but after you do, remember to like us on Facebook (because all we’ve ever wanted is to be liked), read Joan’s hackneyed thoughts on Twitter @tunethepro, and send us reams of emails to help stave off the loneliness.

3 Responses to “Oh look!”

  1. Rob says:

    Please accept the following coo of approval: Cooooooooo.
    This is a major coo.

    Great job, folks.

  2. Joan says:

    Hackneyed? Man, harsh.

  3. Wo uh…. what exactly was changed aside from a header? And are the form labels like name, email and url supposed to be on the right? Looks broken. 🙁

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