Say cheese!

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moools – neednoneed (iruiranai)

It didn’t take three minutes after the graduation ceremony for Jen’s aunt to bring up teaching.

“So what are you going to do with your history degree? Teach?” Aunt Betty asked cheerfully as they leaned in to snap a picture together.

Jen frowned.

“Hopefully not; I don’t like kids,” she said.

Which wasn’t really true. She quite enjoyed kids, usually. But it made for an easy answer that shut up people like Aunt Betty without making them regret the birthday checks they sent.

The thing of it was – why teach when she could DO?

Jen speared a stray balloon with her heels.

Teaching felt like giving in. There was life to be lived! Romances to sever prematurely, dusty countries to visit, tales to retell loudly in bars, apartments to tiptoe barefooted into, lakes to jump into off balconies!

(Oh god, why was Uncle Earl’s hand so low on her back?)

To be locked in a classroom for the rest of her life felt like trading adventure in. She wasn’t ready to settle for that.

Not just yet.

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