You should hear the wind at my window

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Sunset Rubdown – Three Colors (Daytrotter)

I want a girl who’s excitable and quits her job suddenly and bites my earlobe in public and lets me take pictures of her topless and calls me ‘Dahlin‘ and fucks up her haircut on purpose just to see if strangers on the street will say anything and has an obnoxious laugh which she unleashes without self-consciousness and never turns down a triple-dog dare and plays a few bars on every piano she sees and leaves notes in between the pages of library books and listens to Sunset Rubdown.

[Buy Sunset Rubdown albums and become that girl.]

7 Responses to “You should hear the wind at my window”

  1. Rob says:

    Great post, Zac.

    Love Sunset Rubdown, though I’m losing faith in Wolf Parade (esp. since Expo 86 dropped).

    Sorry I can’t be that girl for you, though. Epic sad face.

    P.S. How’d you like Spencer’s “Moonface” thingummy from earlier this year?

  2. Esin says:

    What a woman!

  3. Zac says:

    Esin, that’s actually my sister. I’ll pass along your praise.

    Rob, I didn’t get EXPO until I saw the songs played live. It’s just good old fashioned cock rock, both writers stripping down the esoteric experiments of their side projects and rocking the fuck out. It doesn’t translate well over headphones.

    I thought Moonface was one of the more interesting ventures this year. I listened to it on repeat while in Indonesia, and now whenever I hear it I can practically smell curry and feel the muggy heat around me.

  4. roy says:

    Dude, what is this? A new song?

  5. Zac says:

    Roy, this is an old song. It’s on a self-titled Sunset Rubdown EP that came out a few years ago. The band revived the song on the last tour and was playing it live as one part (it’s two songs on the EP). This is probably the best recording you’ll find of it in one part.

    Sadly, SunRub is on a bit of a hiatus. Most of Spencer’s weirder ideas are going into his solo project called ‘Moonface’ which you should check out too.

  6. Ha! I think Expo 86 is great.

    Nice shot.

    – Still alive in Chicago

  7. Mr. Grimm says:

    I didn’t “get” EXPO until I heard Cave-o-sapien. It was like, oh a Spencer song, oh a Dan song, oh a Spencer song, oh a Dan song, oh a Spencer song, oh a Dan song, oh a Dan song …

    But they finally get it right at the end. 😉

    The “Spencer songs” rock as usual: Two Men in New Tuxedos, Cloud Song, and What Did My Lover Say are great. (I like Dan and Handsome Furs as well.)

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