I was like, “Oh.”

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of Montreal – Our Riotous Defects (f/ Janelle Monáe)

If you put a human being underground with no access to sunlight, he’ll revert to a 25-hour sleep schedule.

Brad had learned that in a Psych class he audited once. Or he’d read it on wikipedia. Either way he was pretty sure it was true.

I mean, why else would he be up at 4am sipping a Jack and Pepsi? It made sense, really. Every day your body was denied an hour of sleep. Or wasn’t tired yet and wanted to stay up an hour more. Either way, no wonder everything was so off.

Surely this was to account for Bets turning into a crazy bitch a few months into their relationship. Maybe if they’d lived together underground after a nuclear apocalypse she would have been fine, singing in her husky voice as they toiled to recreate societal norms one 25-hour period at a time.


Nah, she was probably just crazy.

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(Picture drawn by Dave Eggers.)

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