I’m deserving of your love, but you think I am not good enough.

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Flight Facilities – Crave You (f/ Giselle)

I let your fingers wander down the waistband of my skirt and tuck your kisses into the comfort of my breast pocket. I have decided to keep them with me, close to the heart that shakes this ribcage right to the point of breaking. I’ve never before had a vital organ attempt to escape my body, but I imagine this is exactly what it feels like. But I cannot blame her for wishing to be with her rightful owner. My heart knows that she will corrode in my chest and her only hope of survival is to be beside yours. Your interest, however painful, lies not with my heart. If she relocates to my underpants, will you then pocket her in your jeans? You know, the ones you never wash. It is not safe for me to be around you or that I even want to. It’s not fair that, when I tell you I love you, you change the subject or that you speak in one word sentences. I don’t like that everything ends with a full stop as though it’s finite. I’d stand on my head for you, I open my legs for you, I’d kneel on tiles for you, but nothing it seems will do. I’m preparing for the day that you find my heart withered in your closet, homeless and unwilling to forgive. The day you finally voice your love for me. The day I scoff and say “Ok.” [Buy.]

(drawing by Lucia)

(Raezle guests for us today. I can only hope she will again soon.)

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