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First Rate People – American Life

Is it possible that a pair of 20 year olds from Toronto, Canada best captured what it feels like to be American in 2010?

Yes. In fact, it’s not only possible; they did.

Jon Lawless and Jess Kropf are two impossibly cute kids in an impossibly cute band. (There are three other adorable members in First Rate People, but their presence isn’t required for our purposes here.)

On “American Life,” they trade verses while a simple piano riff carries the song. It’s an elegant formula: Take a track, strip it down, build it back, and press record.

The American dream was never intended to be so complex. Sam Adams didn’t fight Tea Partiers; he threw tea. Now he brews beer.

Less so: “I never find the words for what I want to say / My head always wanders off the other way / Don’t ask and I won’t tell you / It’s better off that way.”

We’d all be better off if two Twilight fans (probably?) from the Great White North explained this great country to us.

[Where on Earth can you buy this?]

4 Responses to “AMERICAN LIFE”

  1. Quynh says:

    Where can I find their music???

  2. Joan says:

    You can listen to more on their MySpace. As for where to buy the EP, I have no idea.

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  4. Andrew says:

    Send an email to firstratepeople [at] and ask them yourself. Lovely folks.

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