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The Smashing Pumpkins – Love

True love has many faces. Andy Roddick loves Brooklyn Decker for different reasons than the guy paging through her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition does. (You have to imagine she feels differently about each member of that duo as well.) A mother loves a daughter in a different way than she does an ex-husband. Eminem loved rap, then Kim, then Vicodin. And always Hailie. The teen on the R train who wrote “I love me” in fading Sharpie on her too-tight pink yoga pants is categorically correct, if grammatically false. Brick Tamlin loves lamp, unconditionally.

So when Billy Corgan sings “love, love – it’s who you know,” who the fuck knows what he means. But those fuzzed out guitars sure are lovely, right? [Purchase.]

3 Responses to “LOVE”

  1. That girl in the cereal section says:

    Pretty fucking ace.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Melissa King Murphy, tunetheproletariat. tunetheproletariat said: Noah Davis wants to ask you just what the fuck love is, really? Get in here and tell him. […]

  3. Neil Cake says:

    That’s a good song.

    I think maybe that Billy is suggesting just that you will love someone out of the people around you. That’s kind of how it happens, isn’t it?

    That is a bit obvious, though.

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