Now I’m lying on the driveway, passed out

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White Apple Tree – Passed Out

At 9:30 am last night I threw up. It was dark red, like the wine I drank. I hadn’t vomited since Mattro’s bachelor party a year and a half prior.

I’m an alcoholic; I know that. Most nights I can’t sleep without a few drinks to calm me down. I rarely get through a shift at work without a stiff glass.

My roommate is a cocktail snob. He’s helped me branch out beyond Jack and Cokes into the realm of Old Fashioneds, Tom Collinses, Between the Sheets. But last night was all about Fuck Work I Hate This Goddam Shit and I drank and drank. And drank.

Lying in bed I wiped the sweat off my forehead and kind of wished I couldn’t feel feelings. It was miserable. Then I knelt before the John and puked my brains out. Bits got caught in my teeth and my gums took on a maroon hue.

Wine, more than anything other than biting my tongue, makes me aware of my teeth. I can feel them, how dry they are.

When I lived in California, my drinking was stoked by Michael Lee (pictured), an alcoholic and member of the band White Apple Tree. I’d show up at his front door with a handle of Jack and he’d say, “Hey, baby,” and we’d start drinking.

Sometimes we’d strip down to our boxers and jump in his pool, or sometimes we’d split a bowl, but mostly we’d just content ourselves with cigarettes in the garage with loud electronic music vibrating our chairs.

Play this song while drinking until you pass out on your driveway.

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3 Responses to “Now I’m lying on the driveway, passed out”

  1. Joel Bollen says:

    Love it Zac. Makes me want to go out and get some fishbowls and smoke cloves.

  2. Janey says:

    All I know is that I wanna be friends with this Michael Lee guy. WHITE APPLE TREE IS AWESOME!!!!

  3. bonquiqui says:

    You inspire me, sir, truly inspire me. This beat makes my soul move.

    -An admirer from afar

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