The one where we stumble around friendship

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LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends (Radio Edit)

My friend Tom is the only guy I know who can successfully pull off a tight vest and scarf combination without looking like an absolute Park Slope jackass. He’s also the person who showed me I can organize my iTunes collection by the number of times I’ve skipped a song. These two facts are unrelated. They merely functioning as a way into a story about how yesterday (Tuesday) I learned that “All My Friends (Radio Edit)” was the most-skipped song (38x) in my 4,150 item, 19.48 GB music library.

(When I stumbled upon this information, I wasn’t wearing a vest. I was sporting Tom’s Cincinnati Reds hat that’s black with the a white “C.” It’s much too large for my head.)

If your friends are like my friends, “All My Friends” has at some point since its UK release on May 28, 2007 played a prominent role in your life. If you’re really like my friends (maybe even are my friends), you may still jump around like happy idiots when it comes on, yell the chorus along with James Murphy, and occasionally get thrown out of Brooklyn bars for repeatedly demanding that the man pouring drinks play it. It’s all in good fun, barkeep.

Here’s another fact: I don’t really like “All My Friends.” Hence, I think, the skips. I enjoy the idea of it – the jumping, the yelling, the friendship – but as an actual song: eh? “North American Scum” strikes me as more poignant; “Around the World” and “Daft Punk Is Playing In My House” more important; “Dance Yrslf Clean” flat-out better.

Pitchfork, the blogsphere, and most of my friends would disagree. But my iTunes skip counter doesn’t lie. Neither does the play counter, which hit 78 as I typed. Over and over, again. [Buy.]

2 Responses to “The one where we stumble around friendship”

  1. Zac says:

    Mine is 1020 AM by Spoon. The one bad song on an otherwise excellent album.

  2. Sam says:

    I don’t really like his stuff much, but All My Friends is such an amazing song.

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