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Local Natives – Wide Eyes

We’ve just met, Local Natives and I. We were introduced through friends. We shared some small talk, bought each other a couple of glasses of wine, sat out on the patio – so I could light a cigarette – and whittled the night away asking questions; feeling the moment through. We’re unsure.

I have to ask Michael a couple of things first, like if they’ve just been through a messy breakup or a death in the family. If maybe they’re grieving, or plain cold. I don’t think they are, but early on you can’t be sure. They seem nice, inviting. But a couple of months down the line they might move in – yeah, I know I’m thinking too far ahead – and start turning the air-con up every time I turn it down. They’ll talk loudly on the phone. Take long, long showers. Shirk house duties.

It’s just that right now, they’re a lot of fun. Fresh. Wide-eyed and adventurous. Maybe inside they’re jaded, tired, waiting ’til they’re comfortable enough to get irritated, confrontational, a hassle. [Buy.]

3 Responses to “FIRST ENCOUNTERS”

  1. Rob says:

    From the short time I spent with them 2 months ago, they’re quite good live. A reasonable fling to have.

  2. Joan says:

    I can’t stop listening to ‘Airplanes’ today.

  3. Esin says:

    Just bought the album – fucking ace.

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