Carey Mercer tweets the new Destroyer album

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Destroyer – Kaputt

@careymercer: On a musical note: It wasn’t nice of Reg to call the new Destroyer “Space needle music.”

@careymercer: Especially when it is so devastatingly good

@careymercer: Is it one of the saddest records ever made?

@careymercer: You must listen to it at 3am in the back of the van while driving through North Dakota. The weather conditions must be clear.

@careymercer: There should be a full moon.

@careymercer: What does “Space Needle Music” mean? Could it be anything other than a pejorative?

@careymercer: As a genre, I would rather listen to something called “Space Needle Music” than something called “Chillwave”.

@careymercer: I wonder if the rise of the laptop-samples record could be interpreted in a Marxist sense.

@careymercer: I bet it could.

@careymercer: Everyone piles scorn on music writers. It seems to be the thing to do.

@careymercer: But in the end they will be redeemed: their life pursuit is the contemplation of someone else’s art. This seems unerringly noble to me.

@careymercer: Like St. Julian the Hospitaller, throwing his nude body upon the leper. Yes, that is what a music critic is like.

@careymercer: I thank those music writers who wrestled with Paul’s Tomb this year.

@careymercer: The exact quote “It sounds like music that should be played in the lobby of the Space Needle.” This isn’t positive.

@careymercer: Hopefully there will be many positive, thoughtful reviews to counter-balance this initial critique.

@careymercer: Because it is so good, and also because it itself is a brutal critique.

@careymercer: Of capitalism.

[Pre-order Kaputt. Then buy Frog EyesPaul’s Tomb: A Triumph because it, too, is so devastatingly good.]

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