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The Preachers – Skin & Bone

“I’m afraid your phoenix is suffering from necrotizing fasciitis, most commonly referred to as the flesh-eating disease.”
“Oh my god.”
“Yes, it’s at a fairly advanced stage and, suffice to say, at this point there’s little we can do – (“Oh my god“) – however, and this is peculiar: your phoenix cannot pass. As you may know, throughout the mores of history the phoenix has been thought of as an immortal being. Not so in the idea that it might never age, or age endlessly, rather that it opts for death when it grows tired and sickly and ignites itself before rising from its ashes as a hatchling, the same bird revived. This being the case makes this diagnosis, in particular, a little awkward.”
“So … what are you saying? What will happen?”
“We’re not sure. I perused through the Mythological Creatures Almanac for an idea of the chain of events that will follow its illness but it had little to say on the concept of a phoenix suffering from a disease of this kind. I’m not sure if it will head towards an early ‘grave’ at this point, or allow the infection to spread and whittle away at the living cells remaining. If the latter is the case, you might be the proud owner of a skeleton-phoenix, picking at bones with it’s bones.”
“That sounds terrible.”
“It might not be so bad. It would make a great talking point at parties.”
“Parties? This is my pet you’re talking about!”
“Oh, come on now. You own a phoenix. Clearly this is a strange relationship to begin with.”

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