The skin never forgets a deep abrasion

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Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Rapper’s Battle

I have seen an obscene amount of penises in my life.

Between a decade of dorms, a job which pits me in locker rooms, and a lack of modesty among my friends, I’ve seen enough dicks to make a whore blush.

White dicks. Thick dicks. Spaghetti dicks. Uncircumcised dicks. Crooked dicks. Sacks drooping down below dicks. Meticulously shaved dicks. Reassuringly lacking black dicks. Grower-not-shower dicks. Girthy dicks. Just all sorts of fucking dicks.

What most interests me about the locker room scene is that modesty has no correlation to penis size. The majority, regardless of endowment, slink to their corner sheepishly, towel tight around their waists, or at least with something held at their fronts. Others are more bold. I remember one Hispanic player in Los Angeles who, without fail, casually strolled out of the shower with his towel draped across his shoulders, his impish genitals hanging out like a jaundiced wrinkle of skin.

That’s an image you can’t easily discard. Believe me, I’ve tried.

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