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The Strange Boys – Laugh At Sex, Not Me

“They love each other. And – for some reason – that pleases me.” To me, first listen brings an immediate reminder of Dick Dale and his Tones – that twangy guitar sound so often shelved; but there’s a kind of tenderness not present in the whisk invention that is ‘Misirlou’, however. ‘Laugh At Sex, Not Me’ is as surprisingly moving a song about hearing friends have close-by sex as one might ever hear. A firm guitar riff grasps and guides us through story-telling of ongoings in the other room (“Being quiet as they can, so as not to be rude,”) and the marching band progression of the rhythmic section ensures attention never wanes. There’s a bummed bass chord, too, suffering steady vibration, drilling its way through the track as lonesome backing terrain, not calling for attention, but content to just be there. It’s an atmospheric tone somewhat unfitting, but for a brief announcing of the same-girl and shared-pleasures. “It feels good, but it’s not always possible.” [Invest.]

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