World of people

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M.I.A. – The World

The World begins in wobbly fashion; think Rolf Harris meets dubstep, sided by a rhythmic section falling between the crossfire of snare and bass drum action, and a voice-over of repetitive Hollywood clarity ensures we’re made aware of the song’s title in catching fashion, but it’s not until Maya arrives, synth riff in tow, that the humourless becomes humourful, “I got people on my case, I got words for my speakers and my speakers on some crates.” There isn’t much in the way of emotive terrain, not even of a broken sort, but it’s a fractious energy fraught with direction. This is merely a snippet of M.I.A’s drive – certainly in terms of the song’s length – but it encapsulates her flawlessly, nonetheless. The-World-the-the-the-World. “It’s the music.” [Free mixtape.]

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