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The Zutons – Confusion

Where have you gone, my Zutons? Where have you been? What might you have seen?

“From day one I led you on.”

Oh, man and your reputable wit. You failed charmer. Pritchard’s double-bass – one quarter of a band so usually drowning in pep – is slavish to the emollience of the song’s tearaway from harshness, certainly as a fighter to the vocal severity of one Even McCabe, a voice prone to a Liverpudlian laden accent that just about avoids creasing (or staining) the almost caressing tones and approachable quality.

The futile balladry of “Confusion” plays out in the slight gambol of a Velvets-scented guitar solo (Reed and his radio pop), atop instrumental drone, serving as a weakened rebuttal to a whimsical moment of saxophone seduction and rare playfulness, even if entirely composed. “Confusion” is potentially endearing, potentially a treat.

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