Wonderin’ of a white dress

Written by

Little Dragon – Ritual Union

Enrolling with ricocheting synthesizer and electronic flourishes akin to elasticated guitar strings, “Ritual Union” possesses a kind of compact dream-like strength in its educated delivery. Taut throughout, yet spacious in its production and audible facade. It richly breathes as if light had sound, as if one could creep a hand along the underside of a starlit-sky to xylophone twinkling effect, marching to the pace of a cavernous bass call. It’s foundation, it’s most basic level, is that of a rough beat and soulful skin arguing for cohesion, agreeing upon irresistible harmonisation. Nagano’s enchanting delivery, dangling at the fore alongside thumping snares, births esoteric rhymes into this trip hop electro-fest. It is their masterpiece.

Mother, then tell me how it is
I know you’ve been through all of this
You ran away so many times
Your kid, your heart, a couple of dimes
Love is not like they say
A lie – it’s hard to make it stay
It drowns my feelings in the sea
I dried up over on the beach

[Features on Ritual Union LP and Remix EP.]

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