Addicted to a certain kind of sadness

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Lady L asked: I usually dress pretty frumpy on the reg. But like what date number is it cool to dress down for? I’ve been dressing up for the first three and I’m over it.

Dear Lady L-

THAT BLOWS. Bitch, you already set the bar too high! As a real life Frumplestilskin myself, by date three I’m already wearing a cat sweatshirt. It’s also a great conversation starter because it has a picture of a really fat cat and says, “LARGE AND IN CHARGE” and on the back is the picture of the cat’s backside. BUT I DIGRESS.

I’d say ease into it. If you keep seeing this asshole chances are he’s gonna get the know the frump that covers the rump reaaaaaaaal good so he better get used to it now. Start off wearing that beige grandma sweater and move into those (if appropriate for your body type) harem pants. Pretty soon you’ll be able to be wearing just a poncho! And isn’t that why any of us date in the first place?




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