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Cub Scouts – Told You So

A few tidbits from Tim Nelson of Cub Scouts:

On forming Cub Scouts…

TN: I had been writing and recording songs solo for a little bit, then I wanted to do some full band stuff. I contacted people that I knew could play instruments to see if they would be keen to play with me – and they were! We played as ‘Tim Nelson’ for a while but we wanted it to be a band, not a solo artist with a backing band. We had a little shuffle in band members and started ‘Cub Scouts’ in October 2011 and it was good.

On the band’s presence in social media, how interactive they are, and whether it’s strange keeping track of all these outlets…

TN: Yeah I look after our Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp and Triple j Unearthed accounts.

Our social media sites are very interactive, I try to reply to everybody that writes to us.

It is kind of weird that people that like our music know so much about us as people, but I think it helps build a connection with our listeners and probably shows them where we’re coming from with what we do. I think that’s a good thing!

On touring anecdotes…

TN: I had conjunctivitis for a lot of the Loon Lake tour. It was very mild, and it wasn’t itchy so I didn’t realise that that’s what it was until Andy got it and I figured that maybe it was my fault. That was pretty eye-opening.

On which musician he would open for if they had the chance…


On his favorite words…

Hello, cool, gr8 [sic], m8 [sic].

On his favorite cuss words?

The really full-on ones.

On winning two gongs at the Queensland Music Awards…

Yeah that was great. I did not expect that at all. When we won the Pop Song award I kind of had a speech sort of prepared in my head, but when we won the Song Of The Year award I really had nothing to say, it was kind of awkward but really good.

On which song he would gush about if he were writing for tunetheproletariat

I would write about Phebe Starr’s “Alone With You”. I would talk about how perfect it is. I literally can’t remember the last day I didn’t listen to it.

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