My five favorite albums this year

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high five!

1. Shearwater – Animal Joy
Song. Post. Buy.
“With the blood from your nose running hot on your fingers.”
2. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
Song. Post. Buy.
“Why see the world when you got the beach?”
3. Delta Spirit – Delta Spirit
Song. Post. Buy.
“I want you to wander silent past my outstretched arms.”
4. The Mountain Goats – Transcendental Youth
Song. Post. Buy.
“The yoga of self-mutilation.”
5. Deerhoof – Breakup Song
Song. Post forthcoming, one would assume. Buy.
“Like a robot on the dance floor, a muscle in the heart.”

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  1. Thanks for the top 5. Just found Shearwater thanks to your fucking useless, self-indulgent, ass-hatted blog. Thanks fuckers.

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