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Foxygen – Why Did I Get Married?

“I’m late, I know. Unfashionably. I was, like, five minutes away and I got lost so I kind of cruised, started checking out the houses in your neighbourhood. Bit posh. Wait – is that . . . did, did you put out cheese and crackers? What the fuck? Whatever. Just point me to the beer. How’s the party? Who showed up? Oh, seriously? She came? I wouldn’t have picked that. I guess that’s cool. You should put the moves on her, man. Like Mick Jagger, ha ha. Current Jagger, though. Like 69-year-old Jagger. Not Rolling-Stones-Can’t-Get-Enough-Satisfaction Jagger. What I’m trying to say is you move like a senile pensioner. Kinda look like one too, with that polo top. Since when do you wear polo tops? Polo tops are for golfers and/or Larry David. Yes. Yes, they are. Alright, whatever. Anyway, good luck, man. No, seriously. I was just joking! Relax. I’m pulling for you. She has a great set of tits.”

[Take The Kids Off Broadway.]

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