Racks — not that kind

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I had been increasingly frustrated with ill-fitting spot I used to stash my LPs. The only record rack I liked online was $168, which is pretty steep for me, since I’m a writer earning writerly wages. All the other options were dingy wire contraptions. Milk crates is one irrevocable step into hipsterdom I’m not especially eager to make.

So I spent most of my day off driving around — to thrift stores, to Best Buy, to Target — trying to see if anywhere else sold something that would work. They do not. Also, fun fact, Salvation Army (probably the best thrift store near me) is closed on Sundays. I should probably know that.

Eventually I asked the lady at the record shop, where I was picking up Donuts, how she stored her records. She sent me to Ikea, which apparently has a shelving unit that fits records perfectly.

Anyway, all that to say, today reminded me of this video, about searching through J. Dilla’s old vinyl that’s just sitting in milk crates in a storage unit in Detroit. I wonder who pays for the storage unit.

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