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Noah DeSmit, Robert Perry – Paradigm

What was you first music memory?

Noah DeSmit: My first music memory is singing in church. However, I have very strong recollections of my dad playing Celebrate by Rare Earth very loudly in the house when I was little. Parliament Funkadelic and Michael Jackson also featured many times while growing up. These memories are stronger in my mind than the hymns at church.

What’s your craziest touring memory?

Usually the crazy moments come from strange audience members. I’ve seen a guy in nothing but jean cutoffs and a mesh shirt wield a fly swatter and swing it in the air like it was his national flag during battle. There’s the guy whose entire shirt was an LED equalizer that lit up to the beat of the music. I think my favorite was the kid who wore a banana suit the entire night, never stopped dancing and looked like he was having the most fun he’s ever had in his life.

What’s your most neurotic habit?

Tapping fast beats with my toes. Just the toes, not the entire foot. Many times I don’t realize it’s happening. It looks quite odd to someone else as I’m essentially wildly wiggling all of my toes. I would guess the bpm of the beat in my head to be at around 150-155 bpm. This is pretty strange to me since I don’t produce anything at the speed. Most of my music is 118-124.

Since starting in music, what has been your most frustrating moment?

Most of my frustrating moments come from the lack of musical understanding and education found in the event-goers of the cities I’ve resided in. I remember one night, I was playing a deep house track. The track had been in the Top 10 at Beatport for more than two weeks. I mean, we’re talking about killer tune that most likely millions had danced to that month. Needless to say, when a bright-eyed attractive young woman walked up and asked for a Rihanna song, I was bummed out.

If it were possible, who would you open for?

For the longest time I would have said Joris Voorn. Truly a master. However, after playing out so many of their tracks and listening to their music at home and in the car, I would now say Benoit & Sergio. Especially after seeing them at Movement last year. Their ability to make you feel and move at the same time is unmatched.

Have you ever been in a fight?

A friendly fist fight with a dude based on a set of predetermined rules, sure – but nothing ever serious. I try to keep violence as the absolute last resort, only participating when there’s no other recourse. My reasons are not altruistic. I like staying out of jail and I’m the opposite of a large, powerful and intimidating figure.

What’s the last movie you cried watching?

My last proper cry during a movie was a few years ago when I watched In America. I think it came out in 2002. When Mateo dies I barely kept it in. But, at the end, when Johnny says goodby to Frankie – I definitely lost it. Powerful stuff.

What would you say to your first girlfriend?

Maybe something like, “You made the right choice in ending it. Cheers for that!”

What’s the grossest thing you’ve seen McFly do? (Editor’s note: McFly is Noah’s cat.)

The catnip treats were pretty gross. One day, I brought back some catnip-flavored treats from the store for him. When I got home, I gave him a few pieces of the new snacks. He was stoked. I went into the other room for a couple minutes until I started to hear the terrible sound cats make when they’re… throwing up. I walked into the living room and discovered green puke in about eight different places around the kitchen and living room. There were literally eight bright green spots of chewed-up catnip treats spread about the apartment. I was a little worried about him, but he recovered and seemed to be OK. It goes without saying, I keep it simple and don’t buy those anymore.


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