These people are weird in here.

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Marina & The Diamonds – The Outsider

It started inconspicuously, the cold. Lunch tray gripped firmly, back bent inwards that painful way for posture, her elbows locked. She felt the bones shifting furniture, taking down paintings, scratching at the front door and throwing away the key. Then her knees. A subtle crack, a tightening in her lower thighs, a stop. She scanned the room, desperate for somebody that could help her, somebody that would notice. There he was: that young collegiate professor, with the burgundy sweater and its off-yellow trim and thin-rimmed glasses accentuating his oddly gray expressions. He stared, his gaze almost cruel, at the unremarkable woman stood frozen across the cafeteria. She felt the cold tingling along the base of her neck, touching the softest sides of her throat – these were the spots that her four most recent lovers had often neglected. They had grazed their lips against her neck, their tongues, and been close but never there. She wouldn’t have the means to speak soon.

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InMemory – Daddy Raised Us Kings

Fuck you, mom. Fuck you, dad. Fuck you, teachers, and fuck your keeping-me-up-late-at-night-assignments and irrelevant examinations. Fuck you, [insert best friend’s name], you’re always trying to show me up. Yeah you are, with your designer label clothing and your thoughtfully messy hairstyle. Fuck you, girlfriend, I know you’re messing around behind my back with [insert best friend’s name]. I know you don’t love me. That’s okay, we’re young, it doesn’t count. We’ll grow old and forget each other and marry other people and maybe wistfully think once about the good ol’ high school days, and there will be no animosity, just our own marveling at how we’ve grown. But fuck you anyway. [J.R.]

8 Responses to “These people are weird in here.”

  1. Adam says:

    She’s brilliant. I’m only just starting to get into her stuff, but so far so fucking good. She’s got a unique style, which appeals to me. I get tired of generic bands, all seemingly cut from the same cloth. The songs are catchy as hell, her voice is awesome, and she’s hawt. Winning combo, in my books.

  2. J.R. says:

    I love both the songs on this post and the picture. The write up for my section was great as well.


  3. Joan says:


  4. Risto says:

    The first song is great. I might even listen to more of her stuff. The second song I had to force myself to finish. Awful.

  5. Jess says:

    I liked both. But yes, Marina and the Diamonds was good. Hoping the rest of the album is just as good… Also “If you’re satisfied” is making a lot more sense now…

  6. Joan says:

    Oh No! is certainly my favorite of the album.

  7. Oracolo says:

    Marina and the Diamonds, me likey.

  8. Milad says:

    Excellent post. I agree with everything in the second part. 😀 Fuck y’all!

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