Brakes, steering, and everything.

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Mando Diao – Crystal

Darling, I risk too much with a basic truth.

Crystal sways like the slow moving dance floor of the afterlife, doesn’t it? I’ve never sat so comfortably with thoughts of that which is so answerless. It’s a pleasure, such as the head-out-the-window-of-a-moving-car with teeming eyes type feel. Dogs understand the basic pleasures.

Stop! In the name of love.

I know of a man who achieved inebriation on chapel wine – he’s happy now, but no longer drinking; he has a picture of Mother Theresa on his fridge. I know of another who forged the signature of a priest on Mass cards and pocketed the money of unsuspecting grievers and believers. These are the fun sinners, I imagine. Those who give God the giggles.

I know within my area there are those carrying convictions of sexual abuse, those who faked mental breakdown to ease a storm of rape accusation.

I know of homes that lure the ears of neighbours with male fist to spouse face quakes. Those who beat the pet rabbit with the aid of steel toecaps and hung it upon the door handle.

Beware, those people will pose themselves centre stage. When the priest looks over his glasses, know that these will be the first of the flock he sees. They represent us all – not that we asked for representation. Alter breathers.

The alter breathers.

They won’t be with angels.

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5 Responses to “Brakes, steering, and everything.”

  1. Adam says:

    I like this song. It’s very soothing and makes me calm. Thanks for posting, Dan.

  2. Oracolo says:

    I got this album when it was released in 2009, with this song being one of my most played through the spring. It always manages to relax me, no matter how high the stress-levels of a situation, and has helped me through many late project-nights with the soothing voice and music.

    “Come On, Come On”, “You Got Nothing On Me” and “The Shining” are three other songs I’d recommend people to listen to, they’re quite good I feel.

  3. Sanil says:

    This song makes my insides scream happy thoughts. I’d like to add that the volume control on here is pretty nifty.

  4. Risto says:

    Guille’s favorite artist.

  5. Oskar says:

    I’m more into their indie songs to be honest, the ones that just unleashes your inner spirit and would make even the most rigid guy go crazy. That’s what I link with Mando Diao. This is a wonderful song though, no doubt.

    And Risto, they’re a band. An awesome band.

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