A teenager in love with Christ and heroin.

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The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – A Teenager In Love

Endorphins meet dolphins on the Gulf of Mexico squeaking from their blow-holes waiting for the next wave to sully their salty smiles. Ultraviolet violence comes crashing from the bolted metal arks with staggering javelins poking and prodding at the Earth’s sweaty bellybutton.

Sarah meets Maker on the rickety staircase of her aunty’s Victorian five-bedroom house on Chapel St. Her Cross Country medals sit perched on the wall, never dusted. Her cheques sit in the mailbox too far from the front door, and living alone no lover brings them to her. The neighbour on her left, Liam, sometimes does the deed, if lonely.

[Hold close The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.]

lextrical – Nautical Automaton

Quentin Tarantino’s James Bond short, filmed during his hallucinatory-arthouse-phase, exposed everything that was important about The Man With The Golden Gun. In its succinct runtime of seventeen-minutes, fifty-seven seconds, Quentin plays his cards: foreign seductresses, ear-rattling explosions, hair-raising chases in ramshackle Cadillacs, an intimidating-yet-laughable villain, a finely cut beige Armani suit, and an endless array of buzzing, beeping, brrrat!-ing gadgets. And a shark tank.

And so, the shark tank scene: it will not be the kind where Bond goes toe-to-toe with a pack of tiger sharks, rendering them immobile with swift jabs to their noses, no sir. Bond will take with him his mistress, Eva, and they will twirl amongst the frenzy, soaked through to the bone. And her clothes – clinging to her supple breasts, her pert frame – will slip away. And while they nibble on one another, the beasts will tear strips of flesh from their form, whirring from the predatory machine within.

And the blood will bubble and stain the opaque walls.

[Pay-what-you-want-or-pay-nothing on pre-release for Heavy Lextricity. Oh, and find some rhythmic beans.]

6 Responses to “A teenager in love with Christ and heroin.”

  1. J.R. says:

    I enjoyed the first song. The melody was really my type of music. Second song wasn’t so much my thing.

    Dolphins are awesome. Such majestic beasts.

  2. Risto says:

    The first song was decent, I liked the melody as well. The second one wasn’t something I would listen to myself, but a nice tune. Odd.

  3. Jess says:

    The first song reminds me of Belle and Sebastian in the way the line “Ultraviolet violence comes crashing from the bolted metal arks with staggering javelins poking and prodding at the Earth’s sweaty bellybutton” sounds in my head. Something like an Anthony Burgess novel. Awesome 🙂
    The second song was great. Sort of Joy Division-ish, did remind me of James Bond. Also I love the concept of the second story. That would happen in Tarantino’s Bond film. Very much so. I want to see it. Make it happen. Get a young, suave Sean Connery in.
    A sexy lady.
    A shark tank.
    With sharks.
    And tell them that everthing is going to be alright.
    And watch the frenzy unravel as you tape them, saying,
    “Oh, it’s fine, it’s all part of the film.”
    The shark takes a bite and you, the director gets that excellent, realistic shot of genuine terror.
    “Could you do that for me again? No? Dang it, do we have any more Sean Connery’s?”

  4. lextrical says:

    Well, I thought the second song was all about a robotic ghost-ship, but I may be wrong 🙂
    There’s a watery video here if that’s your kind of thing – http://wp.me/pLtqu-7L

  5. Milad says:

    I forgot this page was open whilst I was browsing, and the first song was playing in the background. It made life quite a bit more chill for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

    The second song is trippy, man. I like it. =)

  6. Dan says:

    First one sounds like Modern Love during parts.

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