Are we on our way?

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Detox Retox – Caroline

I’m not sure what this song is about, probably something as regurgitated as the end of a relationship, but when I hear it all I can think about is a road trip.

You stayed up all night lining the roads in a borrowed atlas with a pink highlighter to show where your adventure will take you. The car just had a checkup and an oil change. Caroline packed turkey and provolone sandwiches, stacked neatly in a cooler next to cans of cola and a small bag of carrots.

There’s a new playlist entitled “ROAD TRIP” on your iPod, sleeping bags conveniently cover the bottle of whiskey in the trunk, and you both have your seat belts snapped on.

Caroline rolls down her window in the car parked in your driveway. With an elbow resting out in the summer sun, she turns to you. “Are we on our way?”

1, 2, 3, and yes we are.

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One Response to “Are we on our way?”

  1. Risto says:

    Lovely tune. Especially liked the drums in the beginning, could listen to this over and over again.

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