I didn’t understand.

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Elliott Smith – I Didn’t Understand

A tin-can rolls down Maine St. Skipping over stray stones, collecting dents, left to its own. The unsuspecting quail in the forest twitches unsurely. Ruffles its feathers. A click and a sweaty finger pushes, forty yards away. A shot. Out on Pyrmont Bridge the orange-clad construction workers jackhammering away in the neighborless sun trade wisecracks, marital advice, and bets. Hair growing from a newborn’s scalp pushes through the pores. Little barbs of black jagged like the remnants of a charred forest torched for industry.


One Response to “I didn’t understand.”

  1. Jess says:

    The description of the hair was particularly amazing 🙂 Also: a favourite song of mine 🙂 …I was rather shocked to be watching Up in the Air and hear a song by him. Though that happens rather a lot… Like when I was watching The Royal Tenenbaums for instance… I wish he were still around but then he would not have been who he is… I mean was.

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