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Four Tet – This Unfolds

This Unfolds has missed the Lost in Translation soundtrack by seven years.

It reminds me of walking through doorway beads as a boy, through that pebble crashing curtain of clinking energy, from one room to the next; rooms filled with green glass bottles, Virgin Mary statues, an ageing dog who even a mile away would be too close to any kitchen table, trinkets of snowflake sameness (from a distance) hanging from already low ceilings, and grocery bags you just knew were brimming with goodies that would fail to reach your lips until you’ve downed something that was probably once green and something else that only tastes nice when your mother makes it. Time spent with grandparents in homes so confusingly dissimilar to your own.

It’s music so appropriate for now, glowing with future calls, yet the perfect fit for something already lived, something gone.

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