It’s a mixed up masquerade, penniless arcade.

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Swan Lake – Petersburg, Liberty Theater, 1914

“The worst artists look only to the self: people who write down their dreams and relate their drug trips and describe, as close to truth as their side allows, their painful break-ups. The second worst artist looks only at the external: didactic faux-revolutionaries, critical theory poseurs, Foucault fucks, nature writers. The best artists find the point where the self co-mingles with the external. The self and the state. You and your partner. Fathers and Sons. It’s really really hard to sit on this point and it shifts, which accounts for the varying quality of work in a person’s career–this balance is constantly in flux.”

Carey Mercer, MBV

[“We sow the songs, the Earth bears our wrong, our pales wrongs all along!” moaned the Beast to the archangel and the pitied woman.]

May McDonough – Gone With The Snake

If you go to see Maia, remember: eldest of the seven daughters; a feminine vessel fertile in demeanor with black eyes lively by the fire. From where she sits, only women come courting but these women seek only words and a twist of the wrist, nothing else. And Maia’s left arm is adorned with pearl-white bangles that fasten at her hand. She brings this hand before her courters and speaks in aphorisms: “Romance is mostly being lied to,” she offers.

And, if you’re going with the Snake: remember that it wraps its nubile belly around the grand piano pedal before you pound on the keys.

[Don’t cry over Spilt Milk, even though you’ll want to.]

4 Responses to “It’s a mixed up masquerade, penniless arcade.”

  1. shannon says:

    I can’t read alot of this. The margins seem off. Sounds cool though.

  2. Joan says:

    Yeah, we’re still trying to figure out some of the browser compatibility. If you use IE (I’m assuming) then try Firefox or Google Chrome (if possible), the text-wrap works alright there. Otherwise, bear with us, we’re novices.

  3. j-dog diddle dog says:

    Wow, thank you for that quote.

  4. Zehan says:

    Didn’t care all that much for the quote but, I like what you said about Maia (I like the way you spelt it, also. I come to type it and feel that maybe I’ve mispelt; check, re-check. Nope, haven’t mispelt.) I like what you’ve left out as well. I think you could write a book about her.

    Oh, and:
    ‘Black eyes by the fire’ – The imagery is more than beautiful, as though it were filled in by life and its components; The Raging Fire of Life itself, Disappointment, Hope, Broods. You make her sound like the most beautiful woman to have ever graced the earth with her bare feet.

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