So sad, so sad, so sad.

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Francois Peglau – One Minute To Midnight Dream (So Sad)

OK, sure, I know: life sucks. I get it. It’s hard, it’s demanding – so many expectations – and you never seem to get what you want. So when you do, it’s like goddam, I got it, and it’s not that great. Hey, what’s that over there! And the money you keep crumpled in your pocket will mean nothing next week and the people look expressionless in their metropolitan hordes and fidelity is tough (so much to consider) and all the while people are shoving pamphlets in your face saying believe this! No, believe that! Wait, free muffins? I’ll believe you! And yeah, it’ll depress you and deject you and push you down, but then you hear a ditty like Peglau’s One Minute To Midnight Dream and it isn’t to your taste on first listen but then second third and fourth are kind of catchy and the banshees wailing sad, so sad, so sad, so sad! are all you think of but you don’t feel sad, you feel kind of happy and like you want to run for your life but not run away from your life for your life but run for it! RUN! I want to run for life! I want to run a marathon to support life and everything it offers and takes away and I’ll pay five crumpled dollars a mile and I’ll run ’til my thighs start fidgeting with my bones and shaking and my sphincter’s relaxing in an altogether alarming way but I’ll keep running running running ’cause I want to live goddamn it.

[Watch the video here.]

11 Responses to “So sad, so sad, so sad.”


    I see the new job’s bringing you down.

  2. Joan says:

    Not really, Samus. It’s alright.

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  4. Zehan says:

    I liked this piece of writing, liked it right through – but the last line irks me somewhat, “but I’ll keep running running running ’cause I want to live goddamn it”. I would change it if I were you but, I’m not so hey.

    Regardless, pretty good song – catchy, like you said (y).

  5. Joan says:

    What is it about running running running that irks you, Z?

  6. Zehan says:

    The tone of the line is redolent of mockery; a response most probably deduced by the specific use of italics.

    Curiosity asks whether that was your intention.

  7. Joan says:

    You can never be altogether sure. I do want to live, though.

  8. Zehan says:

    What do you do?

  9. Joan says:

    I don’t know if that’s a “What do you do?” like “Well, what can do you about life, man. Let’s just have a drink and forget it” or a “What do you do?” like “SO HOW DO YOU SUPPORT YOUR LIVING?”


  10. Zehan says:

    Haha. What you want, you don’t have. You said you ‘want to live’; so, what is it that you do?

  11. Joan says:

    Not enough, probably.

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