Before it changes itself.

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Nick Cave – I’m Your Man (orig. Leonard Cohen)*

*Turn the volume up. So loud that if you have to drown out Mr. Cave and can scarcely hear yourself drain the sounds out of your throat so be it.

He awoke that morning feeling dead, looked about his covered walls trying to connect to something; some appearance, some idea, some light, but – nothing. And so he lifted his legs up off of his bed and went outback. Removed a rectangular piece of steel from his pocket and began to drag it across the small of the back of his smooth neck – the blood dripped, it seeped into his black, short-sleeved cotton shirt, flowed over his beautiful soft hands. His mouth wasn’t clasped but its lips felt no jerk as to part and release a sound – not a sigh, not a cry, not a yearn. After three grazes, Kal dropped onto the cemented pavement and rubbed oil onto the bleeding cuts. As he felt the burning sensation he lit a cigarette and his mouth involuntarily formed a smile. Thus, he could walk in the world. Whether the road be concealed with ordinary gravel or reveal a shallow dirt.

[Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man soundtrack is awash with glittering covers dragged through the mud. Just like it should be.]

We don’t know who Jerry is. We found this in our email a few mornings ago and here it is today. Maybe he’ll be back someday but regardless, thanks.

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  1. Chase says:

    Weird song. Never heard of this Nick Cave or Cohen guy but Jerry I know how you feel, bro.

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