She is perfect in that fucked up way

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Everclear -Amphetamine

I should have quit when I wasn’t so far behind.

[Buy So Much For The Afterglow and listen to it pretty consistently in your middle school years so when you play it later on in life it will be drenched in enough nostalgia to drown your inhibitions toward rocking out alone in your car.]

2 Responses to “She is perfect in that fucked up way”

  1. joey2tits says:

    I did exactly this. I was thinking just the other what the lead singer dude is up to now and whether he’s gone back on the smack.

    Off to Wiki!

  2. joey2tits says:

    I’ve wiki’d. Best lines from Wiki are:

    “The Australian tour, however, was an unexpected disaster. At a show in Wollongong, someone threw a shoe at Alexakis, knocking loose a few of his teeth.”


    “However all members except for Alexakis left the band in July 2009 to be replaced with a 3rd lineup of Everclear.”

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