Carey’s pagan angel (I)

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Bon Iver – Creature Fear (Daytrotter Sessions)

Gallagher’s pub, on the corner of Glenden St. and Oxford Rd., drew a curious bunch. Carey found himself there on most evenings, throwing a two-fingered wave to the bartender, L, who nodded in return and served up a whiskey, neat, that rolled across the counter and sat sweating before he could take a seat.

Tonight, Carey’s jumper hung loosely from his slumped shoulders. Five days a week this jumper wore him to work, battling the frost waiting for him at his door following him to the gaping office hallway. The cotton was splitting at the collar and fraying at the sleeves, a tattered vessel sinking in the sea smoking from the deck.

Cupping his shrinking glass in the palm of his hand, he felt a dull glow in the evening’s stupor.

It was Erin’s hunched spine that gave her away; the dusty resignation that lingered on her wings shading their pearl with inky blotches started creeping on Carey’s skin. He watched the empty bottles standing at attention while she ran her fingers along the grooves of them. What did she know? She knew something. Her dove-tailing dress bunched up at her knees, exposing her thigh. Her bare feet dangled inches from the ochre carpet. Carey didn’t wait: he gathered his tongue at the tip of his teeth and made his way to her, her eyes waiting in their corners. I’ll get your next?

[Bon Iver’s Daytrotter session.]

(illustration by James Jean)

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  1. Joan says:

    It’s the heavy kick-start of this version that makes me dig it more than the original.

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