Please, just relax for one single perfect second.

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Morrissey – Moon River

It is all that lies between and on these five(hundred)-(and)seven(ty)-nine seconds that allows for splendour; that certain acoustic, vibrating electric, two-beat bass drum, the swoon and swish and call that is Morrissey, the space, its wind, her whimper. It doesn’t fit at an open window or in a cutesy scene, but in a quietened dance hall, maybe. The radio and it’s crackle would be a sufficient home. Your ear? Allow it to move in and settle. It’s beauty. Should you pay close enough attention, you’ll notice you’ve lost the childhood friend that was your knee. Both knees, of course.

[1. Watch ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. 2. Listen to ‘Moon River’ by Steven Patrick Morrissey. 3. Purchase said song as a single track for £2.99 or as part the compilation album that is ‘World of Morrissey‘.]

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  1. Sam says:

    Nice one. I have only listened to Vauxhall & I by Morrissey so far but I also have Viva Hate and Kill Uncle. What a great musician.

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