That takes you away, that takes you away

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Destroyer – Streethawk II (CBC Radio)

Tom and Lindsay spent the entire weekend trip in New York lugging around a jar of coins. It was huge. They carried it around in a baby backpack, cream blue, strapped to their chests. The Velcro was unusually loud, whenever the bustle of the city died down enough for them to hear it, Lindsay idly pulling and smoothing a strap back on again.

They saw the sights. A row of greasy quarters pushed across the counter at the Met, a handful of dimes for hot dogs in Central Park, one of those 50 cent Kennedy coins shoved into the slot to ride the subway, a scarred penny along with the rest of the change to get floppy slices of pizza.

A stranger agreed to take their picture in Times Square. Years later they found it crammed in that shelf in Tom’s desk that didn’t slide out well anymore, giggling about how dated film was, not to mention those haircuts! But there they were. Tom’s arm around Lindsay, his other hand pointing up and out at the buildings or some sign, Lindsay quietly smiling, and strapped to her chest, equally part of the family, a half-full jar of coins.

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